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The purpose of portrait imaging can be a self-discovery.
Maybe you are ready to connect a little more with yourself.

Bespoke,    Contemporary,    Boutique,    Legacy Portraits 

A professional portait photographer in Mackay and Queeensland offering bespoke, contemporary boutique legacy portraits as wall art.

I help amplify and empower people.

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A photoshoot is on your bucket list but you...

  • Feel a bit nervous in front of a camera

  • Don't believe you are photogenic

  • Not really seen a beautiful image of yourself

  • Unsure how or if you really want to "pose"

  • Don't feel seen or heard

what if...

Bespoke - designed for you

I organize hair and makeup to suit the ideas we have planned out.

Even add a chauffeur, 2-4 fashion outfits, perhaps a professional massage before hair and makeup, refreshments on the way. Out to dinner with a loved one after your session!


VIP treatment for the star of the day! find out you like the person in your portraits.

by having an experience, guided and supported
that shows you are enough,  empowers and lifts confidence.

Come to life, see the you everyone else sees.


Bring out your divine

In the studio space, we'll be able to create. Your bestie (not a partner) is welcome to tag along for support.

Each look will be crafted and to achieve some looks that amplify your you.

Be ready for a 2 hour workout in studio that goes so quick.


Guided all the way 

Which means I'll guide you through moments and movements in different positions to show you actually how photogenic you are. 

Posing is a silly word that means I look after you so that the images translate your posture into art without you looking awkward. 


Marty the photographer

Over time I have ended up doing a lot practice and light tests. Of course the easiest subject to get when I need someone is myself. Many of these are a little ridiculous. Some I really end up liking.


I take my image making seriously however not myself. I'm relaxed and encouraging.


The point is, I also need to feel what it's like to see my own image if I am expecting you to be vulnerable.


We all have different sides to our complete self. It’s complex. In my humble space, you are allowed to be who you wish without being judged or ashamed.

Despite some nerves, you'll find excitement and empowerment, that's my job!


Taking that bit of fear on a walk with you and doing it anyway. 


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