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Creating Legacy Portraits   

A professional photographer Mackay and Queeensland


it's a process, visualizing a feeling of where you are right now, 
willing to take a risk and dare yourself

- even include loved ones around you.

we can make art, a creative endeavor with poetic flavour.
forget about portraits you have seen before, let's get lost and be a better version.

show, be proud of your uniqueness, make it now, a legacy treasured forever.


Your image is important.
Which actually means its super important to all those around you.

The kids love pictures of their mum.
The business owner who IS the face of the brand.
The athlete breaking new ground and reaching goals.
The strong independent or introvert can shine.
or just because you love to be pampered, spoilt, and empowered.

These moments and milestones can be recorded as an image,
in a stress free guided way to achieve the result you want
based around your ideas for me to work with you.  

In fact being creative and building a scenario for the result we collaborate on
is what I love to do. I’ll design a set, make it and bring it to life
from very small scale to a production.


I really like it simple.
And I love prints on a wall or to hold or on show.
Below is an outline of four types of session to fit your moment.
Business or personal,
I am a photographer of people being or doing their thing.
Formal, corporate, family, pets or special occasion there are no labels, it’s photography.


Of course the post processing of each image I deliver is
to a high quality print magazine standard.


Four options.


1. You (and a friend of course) can enjoy a full day of pampering, high value - the dream experience.

2. A feel good legacy session with add ons we can build in.

3. Get in a compact session, done but not rushed.

4. Express, because it’s not rocket science.

5. Bonus. Events. Special themes
to keep an eye out for.

Here below is a little overview…… If one of these is of interest to you then click the link
and drill down into the details.

All sessions will have magazine quality images as a deliverable.
I bring lights, work with daylight, whatever it takes to make the images pop.


Pet Unusual Call Out!
Limited spots and a special gift

1. An awesome full pamper experience.
Average around $6500

Imagine being offered transport for the day, clothing options to try on and styling,

a professional massage, professional hair and makeup done, snacks and beverages,
....the actual photoshoot,
refreshments. Same day review of the images to select from, and then out for dinner with your bestie.


 Included is one large wall art image,
a printed portrait display box of 10 images,
a gift album, and the best hi res digitals of the session. 


You could share this experience with a friend for company or they may be part of the session
(extra for a second person).

Average around $6500. As it can be customized to your taste and ideas,
this may reflect in the final value which we will finalize
in a consultation before we start anything.


You will need most of the day and as late into the night as you wish, I’m not staying for dinner though.



2. Legacy Portrait


My Studio space, your location or off site.
Professional hair and makeup done, snacks and beverages, the actual photoshoot, refreshments.

Same day review of the images to select from.
All the best hi res digital images you can print how and when you like.


Option to include is one medium 18 x 24'"wall art image, a printed portrait display box of 10 images.
Average value is around $2700.
As it can be customized to your taste and ideas, this may reflect in the final investment
which we will finalize in a consultation before we start anything.

So you’ll need a good half day to make this work.



3. Compact

$450 in a shoot location, or two or my studio space.

All the best hi Res digitals print and share as you’d like.
Extra print options always available.


Suitable for formals, models, fashion, personal brand, portfolio, even a legacy portrait if we are organized!

Got around about an hour…we can do a lot.




4. Express.

$250 On location or my studio space.

What ever digitals I can make with you with in the time, I’ll deliver as Hi res digitals
and you can print and share as needed.


Great for a headshot, brand, profile for socials, formals so I get the shot and your free to mingle and more.


A half hour or less and I’m out of your hair.


It works like this.

1. Book a call, we'll have a phone consultation

2. Confirm a date for  the session your considering, whether it's digital
                     or a custom made experience

3. Prep for your session, finalize the looks and mood.

4. Make some images

5. You'll see a set of processed images to preview

6. Select your images to print for your display or wall

PB130502 (2).JPG
What kind of portrait and how would like to be photographed?

Individual - because you earned it, you deserve it.
Family - you're growing, things are changing.
Sport theme - you or the kids are champs. 
Avante Garde - Creative, fantasy -  you are unique!
Personal Branding - your business profile needs to be updated.
Fashion  - A dress you love but don't wear- re invent some glam!
Beauty - no excuses needed, you just love it.
Formals - Year 10, 11 semi formals and of course the big one.

(Fashion and Beauty opportunities come around when you attend
a wedding, social events and special moments and milestones
- getting hair and makeup done, take advantage of professional imaging) 

Only recently on the news a person was asked what it was like to run out of the house under a
natural disaster evacutaion order/event and what they did. Among the first words and thoughts were
 "I ran around the house and grabbed our pictures off the walls"


Moments, memories and milestones are your journey which the future generations consider precious,
and we often sweep away this current time as just life and push past it.

Imagine your own “hall of fame”, a legacy that includes previous generations,
YOU and the future.

This space has art on its walls. You ARE the art of the energy around us, forged and formed by history,
by circumstance and your own growth.  
My role is translating this time we have into an artful image about your story of the now.

Everyone has a story. People are magnetic.
The way we see ourselves is completely different to how those close to us perceive us.
Being brave enough to put ourselves on show in front of others in a lasting image
is probably one of the most selfless things we can do.


You appreciate art, your family and most importantly yourself as a channel for those that came before you,
following along with and eventually long after you.

Your confidence has grown.  A legacy is important to you.

Past, present and future you, evolve and cycle, that’s why now is more important than ever.

I found out I love making an image reflecting that story with you.

That’s my purpose, to enhance, to craft, and therefore amplify you.

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