Berserker Barbell Club -  event 2,  2020

A Gallery of images to purchase is to raise a little money for the Berserker Barbell Club.

The aim is to add to their own facilities and equipment, provide competitors a lifting environment that sets up a desire to improve and compete.
100% of digitals will go to the club and 30% of each poster sale.

The $3 digital images are for your personal use only. They can ordered and  be printed to any size and look amazing on a metallic paper mounted to acrylic and hanging on a wall.

The two examples here are poster ideas.  From $110 at approx. A1 size,  single image or 5 image collage. 

You can also support my photography by tagging me in anything you post to your socials. My obsession is portrait, but I love it all :)

© 2020 Marty Strecker Photography

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