Gowns Re Imagined

Ever thought about that amazing gown you have that hasn't been worn for such a long time. Maybe you have recently purchased one, worn it once, but you'd like to make a special image with it and display it with pride on a wall.


Wow, what a year to be a senior and doing the last burst of schooling before making that transition into life and future dreams. Yes! there will be a formal this year. W...
High School Formal Experience
30 min

You could do the same formal photos that everyone has for the last few years
at the gardens and along the harbour wall, and the same backdrop at the venue.

This is the year that you that will leave an imprint in your mind forever.

Invest in yourself and showcase the young, bustling adult you are,
ready to take your next step in your amazing Journey

The investment you have made for your outfit has a lot of value,
so it makes sense to get to make the most of this
 and have images to treasure for a lifetime.

Drop in your email and I'll send a .pdf about
your formal 2020

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