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Mackay Show Grounds | 22nd July | 9am-2.30pm


Your session and one digital image
$25 each to print to 5 x7 "size.
30 each to print to larger 8 x 10" size.

$120 each to print a 10 x 10cm Acrylic Block

Time slots show as 9 am, 9.30am etc..

The idea is if you book for 9am, you image will be made between 9am and 9.30am if you're there.


Printed images available to purchase as an extra.

Buy only prints you want, 
The size will determine your extra investment
and there is no obligation to purchase a print.

As an example..

An image of your choice is printed on metallic paper and mounted

 to a 10 x 10cm Acrylic Block, valued at $120 
it is a special order and can be sent to you directly after the event.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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