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The Full Pamper Experience


The ultimate way I can offer to make this experience memorable and create at least one truly remarkable, enduring image is by taking you on a journey for the day.

Prior to the day we would spend some time with your story, how you’d like to tell it, where and how you’ll show and see the art works. Then I can design an experience that reflects this feeling.

It could look like this in a framework but customized to your style.

The morning starts off with being picked up from home.

The first stop is a coffee and light brunch.

You then are transported to a store that offers you some wardrobe styling options and ideas.
You’ll have an allowance to be able to keep the items you love most.

These items will be bundled and prepared while you have a relaxing professional massage.

This then leads to hair and makeup in line with the ideas we have discussed for your session to make images.

Then on the set, be it outdoors or in a studio environment set up and ready to create the magic of images. Your favorite music, some refreshments and finding the part of you that counts.

Once we are happy with these results and while you’re looking amazing, you and your closest significant other will be able review and choose 12 of your favorite images, then out to enjoy a dinner together..

What a day, and experience!
A few weeks later your art will be ready of the chosen images and I will deliver them to you for a reveal. I can even hang the wall art for you.


An experience like this averages around $6500 and can be designed
specifically for you and be anything you want.
(although moon landings are not on the table yet).  

.  Included are 3 wall art images,


a printed portrait display box of 10 images,

a gift album

and all the best digitals of the session. 

This could be the type of experience you'd share with a girl friend,
daughter or mum.

They could be just your support person or in fact they could be part of the images also.

Of course there is an extra investment to cover their attention
as well so it's all based around what you'd like to experiene
and have to show in the end.