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THE ultimate PAMPER Experience

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The dream shoot.

Images for us first, every one else becomes secondary.

My goal is to release your potential and amplify your confidence

A lady in a flowing white tule dress with a feather headpeice, sitting in a brick nook and looking down at a bunch of flowers.

THE ultimate PAMPER Experience

Defined only by your imagination.

It is a bespoke service, designed around you and taking time to absorb your story.

This boutique service is all about you, being chauffeured and allowing me and other professionals handle the details. This will all be based and planned out from the complimentary consultation, where I will discover the type of experience you are looking for.

Anything is on the table (well…space flights aren’t running just yet).

Maybe it looks like this….
Be met at a location, driven to a fashion styling, professional massage, coffee and snacks, hair, makeup, nails. Get to location, resort/Airbnb or studio for stunning images to be created. A small preview of the images. To round out the day, out to dinner with a loved one while you’re looking and feeling fabulous.

What about….
A flight to Hamilton Island, a short break for coffee and snacks on the island, helicopter to Whitehaven Beach, swim / snorkel. Carry out our pre-determined creative ideas to make images on the beach and trails. Soak up the atmosphere before heading back to Hamilton Island. Maybe you choose to stay the night and return the following day.

These experiences of course would be ideal to share with your bestie along for the ride! The important thing is, think of me as the “Concierge”. The day is yours to relax and enjoy.




Includes: transport, styling and 2 outfits rented, 1 hour massage, hair and makeup, cheeseplatter and refreshments, light meal, basic set design and accessories based on the plan we have created, dinner for 2 people that evening in the Mackay city area.

My creative image making and post processing
10 images fine art printed and displayed in a timber presentation box,
32 x 42” acrylic wall art print,
a 5 x 7.5” gift album in a box,
and the digitals of printed purchases.


Additional images and options are available. Average spend is around the $7800

As mentioned, this could be built upon with extra outfits and inclusions
so that we create the full experience you’d dream of.

Ok so.....I really love the THE ultimate PAMPER Experience!

Have you got a similar experience,
I find it hard to commit to the full day right now?

YES !  ... READ ON...

Contemporary Portrait Experience
Your legacy amplified

This is a half day experience.
Hair and Makeup

Snacks and beverages

Studio or location

Investment $2768


18 x 24” acrylic wall art print,

10 images fine art printed and displayed in a timber presentation box,
a 5 x 7.5” gift album in a b

and the digitals of printed purchases.

Additional images and options are available.
Average spend is aro
und the $3500
As mentioned, this experience can be built upon with extra outfits and inclusions

A woman close to a textured back drop in hardside side light.
A woman gazing to the left with an albino python wrapped around her arm.

Email me for

information about events and corporate.



personal branding,


Value starting at 



A young lady in a short white formal dress that has a full length  tail blowing in the breeze standing beside a Porsche GTR


A black and white head shot of a woman looking at camera.

Thinking of giving something

special to a loved one?

Gift vouchers here.


The process works like this.

The Proces

1. You have somewhat of a desire to create images and wall art for your home. Also you are resonating with what I am offering here..

Book a call

2. Book a call, we'll have a phone consultation and I'll listen to your vision. From there expand this into something achievable and that fits your idea. We'll consider how and where you'd like to display your printed art. 

Confirm a Date

3. Confirm a date for your session considering your custom made experience

A business lady walking through her hair salon reception.
A lady in a whote halter nexk dress with black pulled back hair gazing past a large electric light bulb with a large filament

Final prep

4. Prep for your session, finalize the looks and mood.

Shoot Day!

5. Shoot day, the wheels are in motion based on the plan.
We'll be ready! It's a plan, yet there will be time to improvise in some areas!
Hair and makeup, create some images under guidance, getting the look in camera right for your best look. We will explore the looks we have in mind.
I'll have a quick preview of images as we go.


Portait of a happy woman witha large yellow bow in hair, with fairy lights and confetta around her
A woman in a tule dress and flower head peice, sitting on the edge of a white chait with a grandfather clock in the background.

6. The big reveal when I get to show you the finest images. This is when you decide which image is the main wall art statement piece and which shall be printed to albums or for presentation. There is opportunity to add other print options at any time. 

The reveal


7. Delivery of your art works.
I'll even hang the wall prints exactly where you'd like them

Two young ladies holding sunflowers into the sun in a feild.

Consider what the last couple of years has meant to you, the most important things
about this crazy time that have perhaps shifted your own outlook in todays new reality.


I love making and specialize in portraits, showing you in way that you might never have seen yourself before. At first it can seem a daunting experience, and it is my job to make this an enjoyable, uplifting and powerful experience.

The woman who would like to see and experience her vision of and for herself.
Why not bring a like minded friend and make it a day out.

The woman that has her children, her partner and how about Mum?
Some intimate and empowering moments together to adorn the walls.

Allowing me to guide you, give you the confidence to be just who you are, the time to capture insights of that inner confidence is my privilege. Everyone has their own beauty and story beyond appearances and is this why I make portraits, this is my purpose.

Perhaps you are the gentleman that is on a mission to really surprise a partner or someone special. The gift of a portrait of himself will speak volumes.

If you have a printed portrait on the wall already, how recent is it? What do you remember about the time when these were made? Imagine your current images beside them, what a story of change you would narrate!


My aim is to provide you with a service and series of images printed for your wall that reflect the experience and feelings at this present time in your life.


Tomorrow's history.


A female yoga teacher sitting in the lotus position with a SPhinx cat on her lap, both looking at camera.
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Thanks for asking!

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