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A black and white image of white horse only showing his head with a lady standing right next to him and looking into his eyes.

Pet Unusual !

 Fine Art Legacy Pet Portrait 


allow around an hour for the session



If you have an unusual pet, we are probably on the same page – a little different.


What classifies as pet unusual?
Here is what doesn’t count for these sessions- an average domestic cat or dog.
We love them for sure as much as any!

Rare breads – Maine Coon / Sphynx cats would qualify as would

an Irish Water Spaniel or a Bedlington Terrier on the doggie side.

So many other animals on the list!

Can I share a story with your pet unusual?


Maybe you are eccentric, you perhaps mimic your special animal, maybe you’re a complete contradiction and unexpected.
I’d love this to be part of an ongoing series with you as a star.

Venue is my studio space. 

Before then we can have a conversation to find out the purpose
and feeling of your image session. Book a complimentary call below..

  • $295 for a creative experience with no rush to capture the feeling and look we are going to achieve.

  • around and an hour in a venue/location to be confirmed or at my studio space.

  • 5 Post processed images socially optimized  selected from the  images and the mood of the animal - just getting the right image.

  • I always aim for a better and unique image- several quality images not 100's. 

  • A special gift is also a part of this package.

(An image of your choice is printed on metallic paper and mounted  to a 10 x 10cm Acrylic Block, valued at $120.)

  • You should have your own hair and makeup done as well as a couple outfits you'd like to be photographed in ready for your session.

  • I can organize hair and makeup if needed for an extra investment.

Printed images available to purchase as an extra investment. 

Buy only prints you want to display,  
the size will determine your extra investment
and there is no obligation to purchase.

A yoga teacher with styraight legs out front leaning over and looking down while a Sphinx Cat is sitting on her shoulders looking at the camera
A fine art image of mother and daughter each holding a snake while sitting on a acouch.
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