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Visual Story regarding plastic in our world.
The Universal energy which encompasses and is  Mother Earth
and her Human manifestation that walks among us, and IS us.  

A professional photographer Mackay and Queeensland

Mother Earth is known as Pachamama in this story and the manifestation of human life (all of us) will be known as "She"

Pachamama, being the universal energy, creates an image of herself (She)

to experience the form of human vibration. 

Pachamama proudly and quietly observing as "She" experiences and absorbs

being in nature and on Earth. Wide eyed and appreciating the magic from Pachamama

Now "She" is enjoying the connection to Earth, feels the nature in her hands and feet,

embraces the land. "She" rests in natures arms.

Pachamama, glows and projects more of her energy and is content.

Then the arrival of plastic, it showers down around "She",
it is accumulating around her feet, drowning out nature.


"She" is attracted to its lure, embracing the possibilities and potential.

Pachamuma closes her eyes and breathes deeply .

"She" is losing touch with her Earth Mother, now fully immersing herself in the joy of plastic,


bathing in the new love for it.



Pachamama is in shock and horror.

The plastic  dress embodies this new world, the possiblities,  everything, 



"She" feels beautiful. Pachamama is getting sick, crying and poisoned slowly

Things turn, "She" has encouraged so much poison to enter Earth

it begins to poison "She' herself.


Now "She" is wasting away, lost, but not knowing why, yet faintly

remembers a connection to  Mother Earth -


Pachamama and tries to reach out, wondering  why is this happening?



Pachamama emerges wrapped in the dark waste.

A plastic bride and Pacha Mama entangled in electrical cord waste

"She" now sees the errors in her blind ignorance, reaching out to Pachamama,

they become entangled, energy begins to flow between them,

though "She" understands the healing of Mother Earth

must come from "She" herself.


Look at our actions, the fashion, the plastic and all the processes

that make Mother Earth ill.

Actually Mother Earth will survive,


but will it be in a form that we as species can endure?

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