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"Project Behind the Line"


showcases the lives, passion and individuality of those who work on the front-line of health care and first responders . This page highlights the real people dedicated to supporting their community and their story.

Now more than ever we want the public to really see "Behind the Line" and that people like you are no different from people like us who all want to live a harmonious and fulfilling life.


This  is a passion project by freelance photographer in Mackay,  Marty Strecker who is giving back to those who'd provided care and hope to his family in their time of need. In collaboration with the fwards family, "Project Behind the Line" highlights the real people dedicated to supporting their community. "

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Since 2019, with assistance from Athol and the fwards family, I have been able to bring along a photographic project that delves into the lives of health, police and fire personnel that operate "Behind the Line". 


This project is to keep a higher level of awareness for us, the public, to remember our humanity and consideration when we get to that “Line” of public meeting service and needing help from those delivering it.


The images and story explore the human emotion. What is the personal cost of these special individuals that are passionate and choose to be “behind the line” and how do they unload away from the job and attempt to be ordinary people outside of work.


How do they maintain compassion yet professional outlook while keeping their own mental wellness in harmony. 


As the hysteria of a world threat inflames reactions and interactions,  I felt it is a good time to put this project out there, even though it’s far from completed in my eyes. (Ii have heard it said, better to put something out than wait for perfection)


These professionals are at such high risk themselves, working so we can stay as safe as possible while we have the choice to stay home, as tough as that can also be. 


If you do need genuine help, ask for it. Be a decent human, be grateful we have this resource around us and not just an entitlement to abuse it. 


I am based in Mackay, Qld, Australia. This project is not funded, endorsed  (apart from the subjects) or sponsored in anyway and is purely my own initiative to portray an important but little recognized issue. ABC Tropical North have picked up on my angle of the issue so this will spread the word a lot more. 


Our family has had the benefit of all or many of the services that operate “behind the line”. The cost of turnover and burnout in this area is immense in dollars for sure, but the personal cost to individuals can weigh in heavy. 


I am continually interested in hearing from people in this arena. I would love the opportunity to talk and make more images to add to this public awareness initiative. It may help to talk and it may encourage your own colleagues to keep conversation and community aligned for this message. 


My family do road trips within Queensland, up until this last week, quite regularly, so other areas in the country are definitely on the radar.  Longer term I would image each region around the country have a unique collection of story and portrait of their own people.


If you are still reading this and are in the health profession in particular, this project aligns very closely with another very practical and hands on daily tool.


Designed and built by a team leader with a passion for helping nurses and doctors feel a better community and culture. Check out @Fwards. 


Again, this Project  is not sponsored by Fwards or any other company. However the goals are both the same, to acknowledge and assist.  In saying that, I would welcome offers to help print wall art of these fine images to display as an exhibition at some point in the future when the world settles again

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