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Whitsunday Anglican School

 Legacy portrait | Fine Art


The years 7 to 12 are transformational.
I only have to look back at our own young adults at that time.

Life and circumstance can change before you know it. Going back a year or 5 can sometimes
be too late for the moment you remember.
Building on your own legacy includes creating the beginnings of the future generations.

This could look like a portrait on the day of semi formal / formals or an editorial themed celebration
of your own personality which can be done anytime during the year.

These can be purely about the solo student, or also include immediate family or special friends.

Before then we can have a conversation to find out the purpose
and feeling of your image session.


  • Formal Day $150

  • Around 1/2 hour hr on Formal Day at formals location or student gathering location

  • My creative style, lighting as needed (natural and / or a mix of studio style light).

  • 10 post professionally processed images optimized for social sharing

  • Limited sessions on the day of the formal (6 spots only)

  • Editorial themed $495

  • up to 2 hours in a venue/location to be confirmed  

  • Editorial style shoot3- 5 looks and wardrobe changes.

  • Pursue a theme that matches your personality and bring that into your legacy images.

  • 1-5 outfits for different looks

  • You, you and your partner, family or any combination within the time frame.

  • 30 post processed images optimized for social sharing

  • A special gift is also a part of this package.

(An image of your choice is printed on metallic paper and mounted  to a 10 x 10cm Acrylic Block, valued at $97.)

  • You should have hair and makeup as well as 1-5 outfits you'd like to be photographed in ready for your session.


Printed images available to purchase as an extra investment. 

Buy only prints you want to display,  the size will determine your extra investment and there is no obligation to purchase.

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