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Jenna Lee in a heashot high key black and white

Personal Branding and Headshots

$195  15 minute session


Mackay City at Split Spaces

Friday 12th July

I'll have a space setup for you.

Book in to your preferred time slot during the day.
When the time comes, turn up ready to shoot!
Let me know what you're trying to achieve.
Colour and Black and White images.

Have a little fun, express yourself.

Make great images.
I'll send a handful of the best images.

Corporate Image and Personal branding are also incredible tools to take and keep the business scene to a high level.

It can be a simple headshot or go a bit deeper and show the well-rounded profile that your clients feel they get to know you and how you tick.


People deal with people first, and if they like what they see, the business will follow.

Find out more about how I can help with your Personal Branding

Other dates and locations coming, or have me over at your premisis

MartyStrecker_Portfolio Image 1.jpg

What ever digitals I can make with you with in the time,
I’ll deliver as socially optimized digitals
and you can share. 

Great for headshot, branding, profile for socials, 
Arrive with Hair, Makeup and outfits done and ready.
(I can organize this also at cost)

High quality Prints are always an option and are an extra yet extremely valuable investment to consider.

A woman in a white business suit, paused on the stairs and looking at the camera

It works like this.

I'll have a venue and a date,

book the time of the day you like to attend

turn up on time and ready to shoot

We'll make images together

I'll do my post process magic

Send you files!

A female yoga teacher sitting in the lotus position with a SPhinx cat on her lap, both looking at camera.


Thinking about your whole team? I can offer this at your location.


​Enter your email here with a date you have in mind
to receive information about any of the sessions.
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