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Portrait. Collaborator. Explorer.   A professional, freelance photographer in Mackay and Queeensland, Catch me anywhere else.

What is portrait photography?


Your legacy.


A collaboration between you and myself .
(or anyone else on the team)

Images treasured  by you, but also by those close around you and future generations.

My goal is to give an experience, feeling empowered and confident.
I'd love to work with you.

It is a little dauting to be in front of a camera for a deliberate and crafted portrait.

That's my job to make it feel better.

Maybe  thoughts like this cross your mind.....

I feel the need to leave a legacy.

My partner, family, parents and peers see me as me.

I realize that this is and can be about me.


 I find out these images can mean even more to those closest.

I am brave.

I love seeing images of all our family on the wall.

I want my children's children's children to learn about me.

I want my voice and style to be seen and heard by those who matter.

Discuss your ideas me

0448 236 485

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