Growing up, I was always encouraged or surrounded by some form of art. My Opa was a photographer and oil painter.


My "uncle" often drove me around to photograph  scenes to translate to canvas, which is a continued "habit" when I am travelling or exploring.

In the mid and late teens I had formal lessons in oil painting in a traditional style which laid a foundation for the way of seeing.

Looking back, the drama and play of light was an essential element of my painting. Our house had a few book collections of the old masters of painting, many of which I still have.

My creativity moved more into timber work and less on the painting as the uninterrupted time to focus on the art of oil became scarce.  

​Photography came full circle and lessons I learned in patience of painting, absorbing the scene, the moment and light is now translated by camera in an exploration of drama and feeling.

Portrait images has taken over my niche within the photography world and so loving exploring the moments with subjects that are breave enough to share the space with me.

I capture moments I enjoy of varying subjects and share many of those images. I am also called upon regularly to shoot on assignment for the Daily Mercury Newspaper as well as capturing personal and private events in a documentary style.