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I offer a 3 hour session for learning the essentials-

-for one person

-  or 4 people

If you're shooting manual and want to get more creative and some guidance -

2 hour sessions

-for one person

-  or 4-6 people

3 hours  This session is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about their camera.
I walk through settings in a simple easy to understand way so that you gain
a better understanding of the how and why.


Getting your camera on manual settings will allow your creativity to be explored.


Phone cameras are so good now, that unless you intend to use your camera to its potential,

just use the phone and apps and let that do the work for you,
of course you'll be the same as most other people.

Per person with 4  people in a session.  $80 each person 

Next session 18th May 2024.


One on One session.  $350 each person (email me



2 hours You already are using your camera on manual settings. Time to take it a step further.

This session is designed for anyone wanting to try out some techniques. I can custom design this to cover your direction in making images

We can visit various locations close to the Mackay and Northern Beaches area and expand our knowledge and subjects and learn skills you may need help with.

You'll have my full attention for 2 hours wherever we decide that works for the skills you'd like to improve on. (let me know if you want more than hour, I'll customize the time to suit your needs)


Some topics might include, camera function, action, landscape, still life, portrait, lighting and composition. The more I know about what you need the more specific we can be to get you closer.

No Sessions set yet. email if you are interested.

Per person 1 person per session.  $200 each person

Per person 2-4  people per session.  $50 each person

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