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Legacy Portraits and Fine Art - Designed with you, for you.

A lady in a flowing white tule dress with a feather headpeice, sitting in a brick nook and looking down at a bunch of flowers.

Bespoke,    Contemporary,    Boutique,    Legacy Portraits


The process..
Please email or call, I will call back
and send some information.

We then arrange a visit so we can have discovery
and conversation about your dream shoot,

You'll begin to visualize your concept more and
how your art work will be presented in your chosen space
with the finished product.

This is complimentary.

If you are happy to proceed, a $250 deposit gets us booked,
started and images made in a session.
Here is where the creative magic is made and the time
I share with you to get prepared for the session and guiding you!

Then I post process and nurture your images,
after which we will sit down and preview images to select from
and order the print collection that best suits you..

Choose the Print collection and any extras you like.
I'll invoice you the final amount less the $250, settle and
everything will be ordered and arrive in 2-4 weeks.

The image making session could be 2-3 hours
You will have to allow time for hair and makeup
(you have this organized or I can help) 

You arrive ready with hair and makeup,
and the outfits you'd love to featured in!

This is boutique, and I can design the whole service around you!





Best value   Digital and print collections :

Wall collection 1.  one 40 x 30 and four 14 x 14 on acrylic or metal
ready to hang  $2728
 (includes all digitals and the session) 
Value $4428 save $1950.

















Wall collection 2.  one 30 x 20 and two 16 x 20 on acrylic or metal
ready to hang   $2417 (includes all digitals and the session).
Value $3249 save $1082

Collection 3. one 8 x 10 presentation box with 15 images printed and matted
eady to display anywhere you like  $1994

(includes all digitals and the session).

Value $3025 save $1246

collection 2 in a room.jpg
collection one in a room.jpg
Timber box 14x11 Styled with my portrait.jpg
Wooden Folio Box 15 Art Mounts - my portrait.jpg

Individual products ordered and purchase separately:

Choose a product and only get what you want.

40 x 30 on acrylic or metal ready to hang  $1127

30 x 20 on acrylic or metal ready to hang  $878

16 x 20 on acrylic or metal ready to hang  $687

14 x 14 on acrylic or metal ready to hang  $576


A Display box with 10 art mounted prints 8x 10”     $889   save $651

A Display box with 15 art mounted prints 8 x 10”    $1143 save $1132

A Desktop acrylic block 13 x18cm $247

A single matted image 8x 10” $147

Timber Artmount Box - Styled my portrait.jpg
Timber Artmount Box - both sizes my portraits.jpg
20x30 my image.jpg
20x30 Room my image.jpg
Art Mount 11x14 Inner 16x24 Outer on easel my portrait.jpg
Art Mount Matt Print 11x14 Image my portrait.jpg

Want to design your own pamper experience?

A black and white head shot of a woman looking at camera.

Thinking of giving something

special to a loved one?

Gift vouchers here.

A lady in a whote halter nexk dress with black pulled back hair gazing past a large electric light bulb with a large filament
A business lady walking through her hair salon reception.
A woman in a tule dress and flower head peice, sitting on the edge of a white chait with a grandfather clock in the background.
Portait of a happy woman witha large yellow bow in hair, with fairy lights and confetta around her
Two young ladies holding sunflowers into the sun in a feild.

Email me for
information about events and corporate.
Formals, Personal branding, Projects. 

A female yoga teacher sitting in the lotus position with a SPhinx cat on her lap, both looking at camera.
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