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A young lady standing sideways looking to camera,  with 2 pet snakes entined around her hands and body

Contemporary Legacy Portrait Experience.

from $1200 

My Studio space, your location or off site.
Professional hair and makeup done, snacks and beverages, the actual photoshoot, refreshments.

Same day review of the images to select from.

Select your favorite 6 Images

You get the 6 images 5 x 7inch  printed and mounted 
You also get the matching digitals for each image selected.



Include this collection  with your session medium 18 x 24'"wall art image,
..........a printed portrait display box of 10 images.
Session above and the collection total $2700


Want to include all the best digitals from your session?
. Ask for a value on this option also.

As it can be customized to your taste and ideas,

this may reflect in the final investment
which we will finalize in a discovery consultation

before we start anything.

So you’ll need a good half day to make this session work.

Email to find out more or book a discovery call.


Average range $1900 ​-$3000
which includes larger premium print product.

​Enter your email here with a date you have in mind
to receive information about the collections.

Thinking more deliberate themes with no rush to get amazing results?.


I can build an experience for you. Hair and Make-up and any special add ons, special locations or ideas,
I'd love to help you get there.

You may wish to Celebrate you.
A personal milestone.

An editorial type session and result, magazine style..
What is you favorite magazine look?

Formal, Beauty, fashion and Avant Garde.


A lady in a hand made dress with flowers stitched to the hem,reclinning in a leather chair as a black and white image.

It works like this.

1. Book a call, we'll have a phone consultation

2. Confirm a date for  the session your considering, whether it's digital
                     or a custom made 

3. Prep for your session, finalize the looks and mood.

4. Make some images

5. You'll see a set of processed images to preview

6. Select your images to print for your display or wall

@ ladies in a sunflower field
What kind of portrait and how would like to be photographed?

Individual - because you earned it, you deserve it.
Family - you're growing, things are changing.
Sport theme - you or the kids are champs. 

Avante Garde - Creative, fantasy -  you are unique!
Personal Branding - your business profile needs to be updated.
Fashion  - A dress you love but don't wear- re invent some glam!
Beauty - no excuses needed, you just love it.

(Fashion and Beauty opportunities come around when you attend
a wedding, social events and special moments and milestones
- getting hair and makeup done, take advantage of professional imaging) 
Ever stopped to look at any of your images that are displayed on a wall? Maybe in albums that are in a box or stacked on a shelf?

Have you gone over to relative or friends house and seen the history on their wall or side table?

What does it make you feel when seeing recent images,
let alone history 5, 10...30... maybe more years ago......

These are time machines!
That image puts you right back to where you were.
It could be that the imagination kicks in and you put yourself
in shoes of the subject in the image. 

Imagine an image made today and in 1 year
looking back at that slice of time.

A lot of people on facebook get a kick out of those social anniversaries when they pop up in the feed. 

Printed wall art of your best image for this year will be always available to see, feel, share and just spend time with. It's not a device or app that breaks, looses data, disappears or forgotten. Social platforms - think about it, you are the product!

You already have a legacy, and by adding current images today this legacy grows and becomes the time machine for those following along behind us.

That's what excites me about your journey,
the privilege of creating this with you. 

True Legacy Portrait Collections 
To create an experience and that tangible legacy
most people opt for something like this.





Making a portrait today is creating a legacy.

Right now, we are just about to crest one of the most powerful moments in history, and it is truly global.

How will you choose to remember this time?

Current generations will be telling future generations about this time of 2022.

A redhead young lady with red lips  close alongside and light tan hoorse, both close up portrait style in frame.

Consider what this period has meant to you, the most important things
about this isolated time that have perhaps shifted your own outlook.


I love making and specialize in portraits, showing you in way that you might never have seen yourself before. At first it can seem a daunting experience, and it is my job to make this an enjoyable, uplifting and powerful experience.

The woman who would like to see and experience her vision of and for herself.
Why not bring a like minded friend and make it a day out.

The woman that has her children, her partner and how about Mum?
Some intimate and empowering moments together to adorn the walls.

Allowing me to guide you, give you the confidence to be just who you are, the time to capture insights of that inner confidence is my privilege. Everyone has their own beauty and story beyond appearances and is this why I make portraits, this is my purpose.

Perhaps you are the gentleman that is on a mission to really surprise a partner or someone special. The gift of a portrait of himself will speak volumes.

If you have a printed portrait on the wall already, how recent is it? What do you remember about the time when these were made? Imagine your current images beside them, what a story of change you would narrate!


My aim is to provide you with a service and series of images printed for your wall that reflect the experience and feelings at this present time in your life.


Tomorrow's history.


Links to these collections

THE ultimate PAMPER Experience

The Contemporary Portrait Legacy Experience


as well as quick and powerful collections

1 hour compact sessions
Ideal for Portraits, Fashion, environmental portfolio

 1/2 hour express 

Perfect for formals, personal branding, portfolio.

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